Thursday, January 20, 2011


What kind of classes would you like to see at Scrap-n-Stamp?? Is there a new technique that you are wondering how to do, or maybe you are a beginner and would like to take a beginner Scrapbooking class. Let us know what you think....I'm thinking about putting together some sort of Scrapbooking class, it would be one Saturday a month and go over various techniques. I may start with a beginner's class if there is enough interest. Hope to hear your thoughts and ideas.


by Jill Sander said...

I am new to the area and am very excited to have found your store close to where I live...I would love to attend a class using interactive designs. I have attended workshops from Karen Burniston and LOVE her projects.

Sommer said...

Thanks for the input Jill, I will look into that.