Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8/5/08 - 15 minutes of fame for Scrap -n- Stamp...

More like 40 seconds..but that works for us! Yesterday, this guy comes into Scrap -n- Stamp and Debbie recognized him right away...it was Dana Howard from News 10. He wanted to see if we wouldn't mind being interviewed for a hot topic about the Governor "possibly" raising sales taxes and wanted to get feedback from local businesses. Perfect timing, Glen had just gotten back from a sales meeting and looked nice. As for me, couldn't they have given me a warning...where's the make up crew ;-). So we thought it would be some 1 second clip, but it was a pretty long news clip...and the first to come on at 11PM last night. In case you missed it...check it out. We're just excited that we made it on the news :-)

NEWS 10, Top Story for Monday evening, August 5, 2008 at 11:00PM
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A Penny for the Governor's Thoughts on Sales Tax Rumblings
The Governor's office declined to confirm word that Schwarzenegger wants to close the $15 billion budget gap by increasing the state sales tax by a penny.

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Lisa said...

How fun is THAT! Renee, girl you look Hot! And Glen sure cleans up nice, huh. Oh baby, baby. ;) I saw Deb and Cori, too - you all look great!