Friday, September 5, 2008

09/05/08 Summer Fun

Last weekend Deniz and I decided to make the trek to Santa Cruz to visit the Grandparents. I still don't understand how such a little person needs so much stuff for a weekend trip. As you can see Kaitlyn had a blast on the swings. We went to Dennis the menace playground in Monterey. I can't believe the park is just as I remember from my childhood, except it seemed a bit smaller. If you are ever in Monterey with children you have to stop at this playground!!!
Kaitlyn and Grandma waving from the tunnel.......
Even Deniz had a good time.....I will have fun making a scrapbook layout for these pictures!!! Does anyone have any creative ideas for a title???

P.S. Thanks Becky and Bob for taking care of my other children, my kitties Mia and Bella.

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Ashley said...

CUTE pictures! You guys are adorable!